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On behalf of the L. L. JOHNSON LAW OFFICE, we are honored to present to you a sample of our many client testimonials for your review. Although we have had a history of working with great clients, the below testimonials reflect some of our great victories and the service you will receive when you select L. L. JOHNSON LAW OFFICE for your legal representation. Real people, real cases, real results. With this being said, it is our sincere promise that when retained, we will do everything within our power to provide you with the same results as experienced below. L. L. JOHNSON LAW OFFICE…your criminal defense law firm.


“It is with great pleasure that I’m writing this letter with regards to the legal representation I received from Attorney Lonny Johnson in my case against the state of Minnesota and Scott County. I was presented with some challenging circumstances in my case and Lonny not only got the job done but treated me like a friend of years. His professionalism and experience showed in his work. I have dealt with public defenders and other attorneys throughout the course of my life and was fed nothing but lies and false promises or they gave me the impression that they wanted my money. I never once had these feelings with dealing Mr. Johnson and the end result was more then I expected, due to his determination and hard work. This is just one of many reasons he won my case for me. The cost for all his representation was much more reasonable then those of the past and he got the job done brilliantly. I will always look to Lonny in the future and no one else, should I ever need guidance or proper representation. He made my case a lot more pleasant then I was anticipating and he was always there for my questions. He is truly an outstanding person and family man who cares about people. This is hard to find in an attorney. I not only picked the best person for legal representation but developed a friendship as well. I will strongly recommend Lonny to others who approach me looking for legal representation. He is definitely the best criminal defense attorney out there!!!”

A. R. A.

“ From the first time we spoke, I knew right away that Lonny was the person I wanted to handle my legal matters. He is honest, sincere, maintains an “open communication” and is very competitive on what he charges for his services. In fact, he is very reasonable. He made me feel like it was his family needing legal representation…he really cares about his clients and their situation. Lonny is the only lawyer I need to call when looking for guidance and assistance.”

B. L.

“I retained Lonny when I was charged with a 3rd Degree DWI. I hadn’t been involved in a criminal case before and was terrified. Lonny made time to answer all of my questions clearly. He also kept me up to speed with things happening in my case. Lonny always had a positive attitude when we spoke. I felt like Lonny cared about my situation. My case had a great outcome. Lonny is the way I will be directing people when they ask!!! “

J. S.

“I had many legal problems with my son that were overwhelming and there seemed to be no one who really cared enough to help us out. We were given Lonny’s name by word of mouth and he has been a lifesaver ever since. He helped us understand the law and the court system in a way that we could understand. He made sure that we fully understood what our legal options were and counseled us on the positives and negatives of our decisions. Lonny was extremely responsive – he either answered his phone when I called or got back to me the same day. He had to work with several different counties and went as far as representing us in a case in Wisconsin. His attorney’s fees were very fair and I never once felt that he did not have our best interests at heart. In the end he pulled off a miracle for my son and we were very grateful. I highly recommend Lonny to anyone who needs legal counsel, you will not regret it. By the way, Lonny will be the first person I contact for legal advice if I ever need it again – wish there were more lawyers out there like Lonny.”

K. M.

“I have gotten in some trouble in my life. After being through the court system I know that it is a rough and tricky ordeal where it seems like everyone is out to get you. I have had experience with public defenders where it seemed they didn’t have enough time for me or didn’t care about my case. I have also had experience with expensive attorneys who only cared about money and wanted more money to solve unexpected issues that arise with court cases. They were very expensive mistakes that didn’t work out in my favor. I retained Lonny for my criminal case. Lonny was fair priced and related to our family. He was very dedicated to winning my case and was upfront about everything. He didn’t try to charge us extra when times got tough and he never gave up hope on winning. Lonny won that case for me and if I ever need legal aid I will always choose Lonny Johnson.”

C. D.

“ I am the father of 2 teenage boys, who recently got in to some problems with the law. My youngest son just got his 3rd DWI and I needed to find a lawyer asap. For some reason, kids today think that if they wake up the next day the problems will go away. Well it never happens that way. Just to let you know, I came from the Caribbean and the law system is totally different there. My two sons were born in Minnesota and had no consideration for the law. Well I met with Mr. Lonny Johnson. He was very comforting to talk with. He took my youngest son’s case and assured me all would be well. At the same time within one week later my other son had a probation violation and was looking at some rough time in his life and with the law. I retained Mr. Johnson for both matters. Mr. Johnson proves to me he is a lawyer with high moral, family value. He understands people and when he takes your case he puts ever effort to win and work hard for his clients. He knows the law and will work twice as hard for you. Mr. Lonny L. Johnson is your attorney. Trust me.”

R. D.

“I got in trouble with the law in January, 2008 for a 5th Degree Possession of Controlled Substance, 2nd degree DWI, small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Additionally, after being on probation for 1 year I was violated and had to serve 90 days in jail. I got out and got violated again and now they wanted to send me to prison. I talked to Lonny and hired him for both the criminal charges and probation violation. He told me what I had to do and I followed his instructions for court. We went to court and instead of me getting locked up he got me 10 days STS (community service). After the years of getting to know Lonny I can say that he is a really good person and lawyer. He is nice and respectful. I would recommend him as an attorney if you are ever in trouble. He saved my life because I really thought that I was going to have to go to prison and I was scared. I can say through personal experience that Lonny is a great lawyer and he knows what he is doing. Some lawyers may just want your money and really don’t care what happens to you. This isn’t Lonny. He doesn’t mess around, he takes his job seriously and he wants to help you. This is why I recommend him as a lawyer.”

A. D.

“I have had a long history of DWIs dating back to 1976. At that time, the court system was more understanding then they are today. The prosecutor wanted more time then I thought was fair. Lonny worked out a fair sentence where everyone was happy. P.S.: Thank you again.” S. P. “On Thanksgiving I called Lonny to thank him for all the care, kindness and nonjudgmental love he gives all his clients. He is honest and honorable, doesn’t mislead you and is open to options when they are in your favor. In 2005 I had a DWI and hired XXXX. It cost close to $17,000.00 with the fines and his crazy fees. Lonny cost about ¼ of that and he was always there for me. He never turned me over to an assistant. I love that he looks 35+ and has 11 children – all of whom get his full attention and care. I had a DWI in 1990, Careless in 1992, then in 2007 and 2010 real offenses (of which I retained Lonny to represent me concerning the 2010 offense). No person I know (or have heard of) could have done a better job. In fact, Lonny had me re-evaluate my lifestyle and self. He is an incredible person and attorney. I believe one of the finest people I’ve had the opportunity to meet. P.S.: I worked for 13 years for an attorney who made the “Top 100.” He was nothing compared to Mr. Lonny Lyn Johnson.”

B. N.