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Civil Forfeitures / Vehicles Defense Attorney Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota

Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota Civil Forefeitures Defense Attorney

Although L. L. JOHNSON LAW OFFICE prides itself on providing EXCLUSIVE criminal defense representation involving ALL types of criminal offenses, we have extensive experience representing individuals involving civil – vehicle forfeitures (especially involving DWI and drug cases).


Civil Forfeiture as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary (7th Edition): 1. Civil Forfeiture.  An in rem proceeding brought by the government against property that either facilitated a crime or was acquired as a result of a criminal activity.  Criminal Forfeiture.  A governmental proceeding brought against a person as punishment for the person’s criminal behavior.

Forfeiture Application under MN Law

Depending on the type and level of crime charged with (ranging from embezzlement, drug possession, DWI-DUI, fraud, counterfeiting, etc.), the government is allowed to seize a person’s property/assets if such items were used or involved in the criminal act or activities.  The government then pursues the acquisition of this property/assets through a civil hearing or series of civil proceedings.  Because civil forfeiture proceedings involve a person’s property/assets/money, etc. (and not their freedom), such cases are separate from a person’s criminal case.  Additionally, unless proper filing and service procedures has been completed to preserve a person’s right to challenge the government involving a civil forfeiture matter, a person can not only loss their property through this means but also loss their property even if a person is successful in maintaining their innocence in criminal court.

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