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Sex Crimes / Rapes Defense Attorney Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota

Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota Sex Crimes / Rape Defense Attorney

Although L. L. JOHNSON LAW OFFICE prides itself on providing EXCLUSIVE criminal defense representation involving ALL types of criminal offenses, we have extensive experience representing individuals involving sex crimes such as: rape, statutory rape, date rape, child molestation, child pornography offenses, indecent exposure, illegal internet sex crime offenses, prostitution, etc.


Rape as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary (7th Edition): 1. Unlawful sexual activity (esp. intercourse) with a person without consent and usually by force, intimidation or threat of injury.

Penalties under MN Law

Sex crime convictions, unfortunately, carry with it much more than the typically criminal charge, potential jail time, fines, etc.  These types of convictions result often times in employment termination, divorce or family disputes among family members and friends, counseling, social exposure-stigma, requirement to register as a sexual predator, etc. and Although not a commonly charged offense in Minnesota, the penalty (involving jail time, fines, etc.) will vary from person to person based on the particular offenses committed, prior criminal history, factual circumstances of the incident and other factors.

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