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Prostitution Defense Attorney Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota

Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota Prostitution Defense Attorney

Although L. L. JOHNSON LAW OFFICE prides itself on providing EXCLUSIVE criminal defense representation involving ALL types of criminal offenses, we represent individuals who have been charged with prostitution.


Prostitution as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary (7th Edition): 1. The actor or practice of engaging in sexual activity for money or its equivalent.

Penalties under MN Law

Although not a commonly charged offense in Minnesota, the penalty (involving jail time, fines, etc.) will vary from person to person based on the particular offenses committed, prior criminal history, factual circumstances of the incident and other factors.

If you are charged with prostitution, please contact us at your earliest convenience (952-454-1350) to discuss your case, receive a free quote and begin the process to resolve your situation.

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