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Theft Embezzlement Defense Attorney Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota

Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota Theft Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Although L. L. JOHNSON LAW OFFICE prides itself on providing EXCLUSIVE criminal defense representation involving ALL types of criminal offenses, we have extensive experience representing individuals accused of theft, embezzlement and all other forms of fraud-related offenses (such as counterfeiting, etc.).


Theft as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary (7th Edition): 1. The felonious taking and removing of another’s personal property with the intent of depriving the true owner of it; larceny.  2. Broadly, any act or instance of stealing, including larceny, burglary, embezzlement, and false pretenses.

Embezzlement as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary (7th Edition): 1. The fraudulent taking (and conversion) of personal property with which one has been entrusted, esp. as a fiduciary.  The criminal intent for embezzlement – unlike larceny and false pretenses – arises after taking possession (not before or during the taking).

Penalties under MN Law

Depending on the type and level of crime charged in this category, the penalty for a theft-embezzlement-fraud conviction can range anywhere from being a misdemeanor (max. 90 days jail / $1,000.00 fine), gross misdemeanor (max. 1 year jail / $3,000.00 fine) or a felony (which can result in extensive prison time and large fine amounts).    

If you are charged with any type of theft, embezzlement or any other form of fraud-related offense, please contact us at your earliest convenience (952-454-1350) to discuss your case, receive a free quote and begin the process to resolve your situation.

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